How to publish ads

Thanks for choosing as advertising place for your product.




Step 01

Go on Top Click As Shown As Below Publish Your Ad For Free


Step 02

Select your product categories


Step 03

Fill up all your product information such as specification, model, price and etc. If the product with a photo will look more appealing for your potential buyer.


Step 04

Fill up location area as well as your contact information. With proper contact information, your potential buyer able to get you. If without it you might loss one potential buyer. For registered user, contact information will follow your account contact information.

Step 05

This is final step. Fill up the CAPTCHA Code before submit.

**CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically**


A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can't: . The term CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University.

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